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Beat Mohg Now: Elden Ring Fans Have Less Than Two Weeks Before Shadow of the Erdtree DLC Arrives

Beat Mohg Now: Elden Ring Fans Have Less Than Two Weeks Before Shadow of the Erdtree DLC Arrives

FromSoftware, the renowned publisher behind the critically acclaimed Elden Ring, has issued an urgent call to action for all Tarnished warriors: you have less than two weeks to conquer the formidable Mohg, Lord of Blood, before the highly anticipated Shadow of the Erdtree DLC drops. This upcoming expansion promises to introduce new challenges, lore, and content that will push even the most seasoned players to their limits.

The Urgency Behind the Warning

Elden Ring's open world, rich with lore and challenging encounters, has captivated millions of players since its release. Mohg, one of the game's toughest bosses, serves as a significant milestone in the game’s narrative and a test of a player's skill and preparation. With the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC on the horizon, FromSoftware wants to ensure that players are adequately prepared to face the new threats that await.

Mohg's defeat is not just a badge of honor; it’s a critical step in fully experiencing the game’s expansive story. His lore ties deeply into the overarching plot of Elden Ring, and his defeat unlocks crucial narrative elements that will likely play a significant role in the new DLC.

What to Expect from Shadow of the Erdtree

The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is set to expand on Elden Ring's already vast universe, promising new areas to explore, formidable enemies, and deeper dives into the lore of the Lands Between. While details remain sparse, the teaser trailers and cryptic hints from FromSoftware suggest that players will need to bring their A-game.

New weapons, armor sets, spells, and possibly even new mechanics are expected to be introduced, adding layers of complexity and excitement to the game. Players can also look forward to expanded multiplayer features, offering fresh opportunities for co-op and competitive gameplay.

Tips to Defeat Mohg

For those who have yet to face Mohg or are struggling with this challenging encounter, here are a few tips to help you conquer the Lord of Blood before the DLC release:

  1. Gear Up: Ensure you have upgraded your weapons and armor to the highest possible level. Mohg hits hard, and every bit of defense and attack power counts.

  2. Learn His Moveset: Mohg has a variety of powerful attacks. Spend some time learning his patterns and tells to anticipate his moves.

  3. Status Effects: Mohg is susceptible to certain status effects like bleed and poison. Equip weapons or spells that can exploit these weaknesses.

  4. Co-op Assistance: Don’t hesitate to summon help. Whether it's NPC allies or other players, having additional support can make a significant difference.

  5. Stay Patient: Like many bosses in Elden Ring, patience is key. Don’t rush your attacks; wait for the right moments to strike.


The countdown is on, and the pressure is mounting. FromSoftware's call to action is clear: beat Mohg, Lord of Blood, within the next two weeks to be fully prepared for the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. This new expansion promises to elevate Elden Ring’s epic journey to new heights, and only the strongest and most prepared Tarnished will be ready to face the challenges ahead.

Get ready, gear up, and conquer Mohg. The Shadow of the Erdtree awaits.