Best Katana in Elden Ring - Ranking All Katanas 2024

Here's a tier list for Katanas in Elden Ring, taking into account their performance, versatility, and overall effectiveness to get you ready for the upcoming DLC

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  1. Moonveil

    • Special Ability: Transient Moonlight
    • Pros: High damage, excellent scaling with Intelligence and Dexterity, and a powerful special ability that shoots a wave of light.
    • Best For: Hybrid INT/DEX builds and PvP.
  2. Rivers of Blood

    • Special Ability: Corpse Piler
    • Pros: Great bleed build-up, strong special attack that deals massive damage over time, and decent scaling with Arcane and Dexterity.
    • Best For: Arcane/DEX builds, PvE, and PvP.


  1. Nagakiba

    • Special Ability: Piercing Fang
    • Pros: Long reach, solid base damage, and versatile moveset. Good scaling with Dexterity.
    • Best For: Pure DEX builds, PvE, and PvP.
  2. Hand of Malenia

    • Special Ability: Waterfowl Dance
    • Pros: High damage output, unique and powerful special ability, good scaling with Dexterity.
    • Best For: High DEX builds, PvP.


  1. Uchigatana

    • Special Ability: Unsheathe
    • Pros: Reliable, easy to obtain early game, versatile, and good scaling with Dexterity.
    • Best For: Early to mid-game DEX builds, PvE.
  2. Serpentbone Blade

    • Special Ability: Double Slash
    • Pros: Poison build-up, good base damage, and decent scaling with Dexterity.
    • Best For: Dexterity/Poison builds, PvE.


  1. Meteoric Ore Blade

    • Special Ability: Gravitas
    • Pros: High physical damage, unique gravity-themed special ability, and good scaling with Strength and Intelligence.
    • Cons: Limited range and lower bleed build-up.
    • Best For: STR/INT hybrid builds, PvE.
  2. Dragonscale Blade

    • Special Ability: Ice Lightning Sword
    • Pros: Unique special ability that adds lightning and frost damage, decent scaling with Dexterity.
    • Cons: Special ability can be situational and has a higher FP cost.
    • Best For: Specific DEX builds focusing on elemental damage, PvE.


  1. Dragon King’s Cragblade
    • Special Ability: Thunderstorm
    • Pros: High damage potential with special ability, good scaling with Dexterity.
    • Cons: Difficult to obtain and master, less versatile than other katanas.
    • Best For: Advanced players looking for a challenge, PvE.

This tier list should help you prepare for the upcoming DLC, ensuring you have the best katana for your build and playstyle. Adjustments might be necessary as the DLC releases and new katanas or balance changes are introduced.

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